Actor, director, writer, and TV presenter Bala Ganapathi William is all excited to unveil his latest venture – a new Tamil movie entitled Neeyum Naanum.

Neeyum Naanum is written by BGW with Yuwaji, and directed by BGW himself. The movie stars BGW and Jasmine Michael in leading roles, along with Kavitha Thiagarajan, KK Khanna, Arun Kumaran, Sathya and many more.

“It’s a simple love story, but it will be done in a way that you guys have never seen it before. It’s going to be very exciting!” BGW said when contacted by Varnam.

“Yes, I’m the director and the lead actor, but my part is only about 35%, Jasmine’s character is the highlight of the movie – she’s the other 65%. I want the emphasis to be on the woman. You know how Tamil movies always use women as arm candies, and they’re just sort of there. I want to break that,” he added.

“I know people are also going to ask me ‘why Jasmine Michael again and again’. I can only say one thing, watch the movie, and you’ll see why she is perfect for the role. Seriously, I cannot think of anyone else to cast to for that role. It’s her.”

BGW did not reveal a release date for the film, but he promised that it will definitely be in the next few months. He also said that he’s looking forward to release the film’s first single very, very soon!

If you haven’t seen the trailer for Neeyum Naanum, here is it:

WATCH: Trailer For BGW’s New Movie, Neeyum Naanum