Last Saturday, Quill City Convention Centre was packed to the brim with a sea of music enthusiasts who were ready to rock it out to the highly anticipated ‘Heart & Soul With Sid Sriram’. Within 24 hours of announcing the concert, Woodmark Events reported that they sold out 3 zones and the rest of the tickets were sold like hot cakes leaving many eager fans disappointed that they missed the chance to watch the sweet voice of South Indian cinema. The night was filled with the crowd swaying to evergreen melodies, singing along to the greatest cinema hits and indulging in the explorative beats of ‘Entropy’.

We thought they would be no better way To sum up the entire evening than to quote some of the BEST comments that fans shared online.

Here are 10 BEST Fan Comments About ‘Heart & Soul With Sid Sriram’:

‘In the last 7 years of attending various concerts, this is the first time ever the singer was on stage for 3.5 hours without a single break. What an energetic, passionate and crazy man he is. The band equally crazy as well. Extraordinary energy from Tapas Naresh, Leon James, Sanjeev Thomas, Praveen and Hash Bass. Indeed, they put their #heartandsoul into this concert. Thank you Woodmark Events’ – M Sasi Kumar

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Image by M Sasi Kumar

‘It was my first live concert, had absolutely no expectations and it turned out to be a magical night. For Sid and the band to perform for 3 hours with no breaks in between with all that energy was just mind blowing. His voice is a God’s gift, loved every minute of it!’ – Divvya Manoharan

‘What a euphonious voice. He brought the entire crowd to different world when he sang Kanne Kalaimane and Thaen Paandhi Seemaiyile. One can close the eyes and travel to a world where only peace and love are the languages. Every song he sings he gives his entire heart in it and soul to the lyrics’ – Gawry 

‘Thank you for such a heartfelt performance from each and every person on stage last night. It was something else. ?? And thank you so much Sid for just being so humble and kind to us, your fans’ – Aurelia De Souza

‘This guy is crazy, he performed for 3 hours non stop. Hell of a show, worth every penny’ – Clement Das

‘After the show was over, the crowd kept screaming for an encore. Even though they had already packed, the band unpacked their instruments again and performed 2 more songs. That is Sid for you. Sooo amazing’ – Dharshamini Kesavan 

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‘He, then, became one with the music’ – Picture Tales Photography

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‘It’s a DREAM COME TRUE! I have finally met my favourite singer ever, Sid Sriram! His positive vibes and the energy was DAMN! His magical voice is EVERYTHING! I have never failed to listen to his songs everyday! HE IS THE BEST!’ – Pavithra

‘I’m going to make it a point to attend his concerts every time he’s down because it is definitely an energy booster I need every now and then. Until then, I’ll just continue blasting his playlist while I drive. Thank you so much Sid Sriram for showering us with energy and love, that I will never forget. I love you!’ – Meyshna Nair

‘Best night ever! Sid Sriram and the band was AMAZING and it was totally worth the wait and money. Lost my voice and not even regretting it’ – Nirosheni

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