SPB Surprises Fan Who Lost His Eyesight In An Explosion In Sri Lanka

    “It’s fine if I can’t see, as long as I still have my hearing”. Those were Mathimaran’s words to his doctor as he was recovering from a bomb explosion.

    Mathimaran lost his eyesight instantly when a bomb exploded in Sri Lanka. He sustained many other injuries as well and it took 6 months for him to recover from the tragedy. He moved to Malaysia shortly afterwards and persevered to read law. Now, Mathimaran is a law lecturer at a private institution and lives a fulfilling life.

    Through these trying times, music has kept Mathimaran afloat and going. He attributes SP Bala’s music to be an important coping mechanism that also helped him heal. Upon hearing his story, the organisers of Raaghav Productions decided to surprise Mathimaran with an opportunity to meet his idol.


    Watch how he gets surprised by the living legend, SP Bala.