Navarathri Series by Roova Li Juan, 2017

The annual nine-day Hindu celebration of the divine feminine, Navarathri, is upon us and devotees from across the globe are deeply observed in celebration, self-reflection and gratitude.

In Malaysia, artist Roovasini Li Juan, has forged her own way of observing the festival; with some paint and a blank canvas. Over the last 5 years, Roova has painted the 9 avatars of divine feminine and educates her followers on the significance of each day and what it represents. This year, Roova has uploaded five out of the 9 acrylic paintings of the divine feminine and she has incorporated a flower to represent each day and deity.

Roova Li Juan holding her painting

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“SHAILAPUTRI, Goddess of Love & Devotion. The animating force that brings skill, power, prowess and genius. She is devoted towards manifesting her goals and dreams. Her thoughts are powerful. Every modern day women who is working relentlessly through her challenges towards achieving her dream is Shailaputri!”

Flower: Butterfly Pea


“She blesses you with great emotional strength and you may be able to keep your mental balance and confidence even in the darkest hour.
She strives to move forward in life without getting disheartened by the numerous challenges coming her way. Pure preserverence! Every modern day women who hold on to her ethics and march on the path of duty is Brahmacharini!”

Flower: Kadambam/Kadamba


“A symbol of peace, serenity and prosperity. She establishes justice and gives Her devotees the courage and strength to fight challenges. Her third eye is always open and she is always ready to combat the evil. Every modern day women who remain graceful, brave and courageous to be her trueself is Chandraghanta!”

Flower: Malligai (Bela/mogra)


“Grace and dignity of Maa Kushmanda is truly incredible. She created the universe with Her smile. Her beauty is boundless. Like Sun she illuminates and removes darkness from Earth, her boundless blaze gives light in life of human being.
She is bright, full of clarity and profound peace. Every modern day women who is cool, calm and focused on her path is Kushmanda!”

Flower: Pink lotus


“Maa Skandamatha is the mother of Karthikeya/Lord Muruga and she represents courage, strength, valor, righteousness, and commitment to duty and virtue. Maa was worshipped by heroes and warriors for victory in wars.
She attains purity and salvation through self-transformation. She is a daughter, sister, wife, mother and a teacher. Modern day mothers who give birth/adopt to another life with the responsibility to mould the leaders of tomorrow is Skandamata!”

Flower: Marigold

We will be updating the rest of the series in the days to come. In the meantime, here are some of Roova’s paintings for Navarathri from yesteryears.

Navarathri Series by Roova Li Juan, 2017
Navarathri Series by Roova Li Juan, 2016
Navarathri Series by Roova Li Juan, 2015

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