Nandini Balakrishnan, The Digital Journalism Revolutionaire – Women of Impact 2019


    Varnam honours this digital journalism revolutionaire as the WOMEN OF IMPACT 2019.

    Nandini Balakrishnan | Photo by Barathan Amuthan

    As an avid writer, Nandini Balakrishnan is passionate about topics of discrimination, feminism and other societal issues. She wanted to be able to voice out her opinions in a way that would be informative and entertaining so she added the element of HUMOUR! A few years later, Nandini has become a household name as her videos have caught on virality numerous times.

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    This opinionated beauty who has a signature Malaysian Indian accent serves hard hitting points that left many in agreement and others, re-evaluating their moral stand. Nandini covers a wide variety of issues like colour biases and ‘white-worshipping’. She was recently interviewed on a talkshow in BBC about one of her videos that discussed ‘beg-packing’ in Malaysia.

    Nandini, who aspires to be a war correspondent, continues to be an inspiration to many young women to celebrate their authenticity.

    Check out Varnam’s raw and unfiltered interview with Nandini: