When you wear a branded sports jersey, have you ever considered that a severely underpaid and overworked child could have made it in a factory in Bangladesh? Or that the weavers who spent hundreds of hours making your luxury scarf is paid only a fraction of that?

Sasibai Kimis is a person who would make you ask those questions.

Today, almost 80%-90% of Earth Heir is dedicated to Malaysian artisans

Sasibai walked away from her high-flying career in investment banking to start a social enterprise that supported ethical fashion. In hopes of compensating struggling artisans and underprivileged people, she founded a social enterprise called Earth Heir in 2013. Sasibai has worked with over 100 artisans in Malaysia and across the world under her luxury craftsmanship brand. Through her advocacy in ethical fashion and fair trade, Sasibai has been able to nourish the livelihood of struggling artisans, their families and communities.

We are delighted that entrepreneurs like Sasibai brings us closer to ethical authentic craftsmanship.

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