Popular Youtuber and beauty influencer, Khloe Dosh, said in her spoken word poetry about vitiligo,

“When you look in the mirror, you should see how special you are. God decided to paint you in his own special design. He couldn’t choose one shade, so he blessed you with both. You are beautiful, You are art”. 

Sonya Danita by Barathan Amuthan

Sonya Danita is a dual-toned beauty who had to learn self-acceptance the hard way. She was teased and bullied for almost all her life because of the way she looked. Sonya even left Malaysia for a brief period of time due to the unbearable torment she faced from unkind people around her. It is true what they say, beauty does bloom in adversity, as did Sonya. Through the hurtful comments that she has endured since the age of 8, Sonya found herself and one day decided to stand up for herself and no longer succumb to any form of bullying or discrimination.

Sonya Danita for CLEO. Image courtesy of cleo.com.my

Today, Sonya can be seen on the covers of Harper’s BAZAAR and CLEO and in the campaign for Levi’s. We find out how she turned her reality around and became a highly sought-after model.

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