What is happiness? A state, an emotion, an action or none of the above?

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In a inquisitive quest for happiness,  Tinanjali narrates a journey in time towards the Origin of Mankind. The film is based on Susheel Kamotra’s book ‘Universal Face Theory’. The film has won “Best Music Award” at the recent 3rd Indian World Film Festival 2019 held in Hyderabad. Susheel wrote and composed “Tufano Ki Aur” song and rearranged background music out of songs from a CD created in 2005 by the original composer Jyotsna Prakash from The Temple of Fine Arts.


The premiere screening launch of the film was held on 19 April 2019 at TGV Cinema KLCC, Kuala Lumpur. “TINANJALI, A song of life,” is an extended version of the book in a musical & dance form where the story is weaved around true events with 3D animation throwing clarity on findings of science & ancient wisdom by realization of who we really are and our ultimate purpose in life.

The team behind Tinanjali at the premiere launch

It’s based on True Events of Non-Resident Indian couple, nicknamed Tinu and Anjali (Tinanjali), who are on their journeys towards self-realization. In the movie, Susheel tries to explain the latest findings of Science and their connection with the ancient wisdom and the vibration of the Universe that binds all of us with ten (10) knowledge points in various cultures.

The 10 points are beautifully demonstrated in the form of musical dance by eight talented dancers from the Temple of Fine Arts, Kuala Lumpur led by the lead actor Pankhuri Agrawal. There are another two dancers as animated characters representing the masculine and the feminine residing in every human.

Towards the end part, the film portrays astonishing visuals of five element body comprising of earth, water, wind, fire and ether, and how the surrounding consciousness when in synergy, harmony, and balance shrinks to singularity and outpours unconditional love and pure bliss..

Tinanjali film is hitting the big screens at TGV, GSC and Lotus Five Star cinemas locations. The prime locations will be KLCC, NU Sentral, Quill City Mall, Perangin Mall– Penang, Butterworth, Sri Kinta, Ipoh and Skudai Parade Johor Baru.

WATCH the trailer here: