Earlier this year, we saw prodigy pianist Lydian Nadhaswaram winning American reality talent show ‘The World’s Best’ and bagging a cash prize of $1 million. Now, it seems like Indians have again dominated yet another American Reality Show.

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The Kings posing with the judges of World Of Dance

A Mumbai-based hip hop dance crew, The Kings, has won the in the category of Upper Team (above 18) in Season 3 of ‘World of Dance’. The show is judged by Jennifer Lopez, Ne-Yo and Derek Hough and premiered on 26 February 2019. The Kings performed a total of 5 times at the reality dance competition and scored a judges’ average mark of 97.7 and above!

In the season finale performance, The Kings scored a perfect score of 100!

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Gravity-defying stunts by The Kings

The Kings performed a combination of Indian dances with hip-hop movements and threw in sky-high flips, turns, somersaults and jumps. The audience could held their breath as they watched the near perfect technique and precision in timing of the dancers. The judges could hardly contain themselves during the performance and gasped, jumped and cheered The Kings on.

Related imageTheir choreographer Suresh Mukund says after this victory, the 15-member crew consisting of Ritesh Vishwakarma, Karthik Priyadarshan, Shijin Ramesh, Chandan Acharya, Sunny Chatterjee, Mohan Pandey, Charles Edward, Pratik Gojare, Prem Bhawar, Pavan Rao, Raja Das, Hardik Rawat, Akshay Varavdekar, Hritik Gupta and Naidu Vishwakarma, will be on a world tour. This will the last time The Kings compete in dance competitions.

Their finale performance was Spartan inspired and The Kings danced to “Aadevadanna Eedevadanna” from a 2016 Telugu film Sardar Gaarbar Singh.

WATCH a compilation of all their performances right here:

Congratulations, The Kings!