Mentalist Aathi is all set to read the minds of the audience during his show with world renowned hypnotist, Anthony Jacquin at their show, Insomnia Extended, a live show featuring stage hypnosis and comedy that will unveil the power and potential of the human mind.

Insomnia Extended is happening on Friday, the 10th of January 2020 at 8.00 pm at the Shantanand Auditorium, Temple of Fine Arts, Kuala Lumpur. This event is brought to you by internationally acclaimed Malaysian dancer, Sandhya Manoj.

The Varnam team catches up with Aathi, and asks him some of the more difficult questions about his upcoming performance.

Varnam (V): You’ve mentioned that you read people instead of books, and you read their thoughts. To put it bluntly, how do you do this?

Mentalist Aathi (A): Very accurately! I still read books though. It’s not a super power. There is a lot of psychological trickery going on. Like they say, I don’t believe in 6th sense. The key here is using the five senses together more appropriately to create an illusion of the , sixth.

V: The South Indian film stalwarts like Nagarjuna, Mohanlal and Suriya & Jyothika remain in awe of you, after watching your show. What was it like, performing for these big names?

A: You are missing the Hollywood names prior to these! How am I supposed to answer this before showing off (laughs)

Mohanlal is a big brother to me. A person who loves the magic. Well, big names has equal amount or more amazement as well… you just need to figure it out. We have been working on designing a show together, a duo, titled ‘In conversation with fireflies’, due to launch in 2020, it was Mohanlal who introduced me to Surya and we surprised Jyothika ma’am on her birthday. The moment worked like a charm for everyone. They are a beautiful family.

There is a blockbuster hit movie named Pretham released in Kerala, in which the hero Jayasurya played my character and life profile. It had a sequel too. When veteran actor Nagarjuna took the rights to make the Telugu version of it, Director Omkar made it a reality. It was a lovely reel depiction.

V: You have even consulted and worked with the Indian Police in Kerala. Tell us a little about this.

A: Not just Indian police for that matter. I’m not supposed to brag about it. It all started as helping out few friends in law and order agencies and my research subject gave me some confidence to involve to work with the officers.

V: Is there any other field apart from show business where you would like to spread your wings to when it comes to your abilities?

A: Education, for sure. During my journey, I’ve keeping an eye on how different countries implement their education system, and how it affects one’s morality and cultural integrity. Someday I hope to come up with an alternate education system. My team and I recently designed a non-profit academic event titled ‘Connect’, which could lead to this in the future.

V: How does it feel to be performing alongside Anthony Jacquin?

A: I’ve learned hypnosis from Anthony years ago, and it has been a dream of mine to perform with him. He still is the number one hypnotist in the world. We have also become good friends over time. He’s a genuine person and I respect his way of thinking. He really is a gem.

V: There are many among us who are apprehensive when it comes to powers the mind cannot comprehend. What do you have to say to these people?

A: Everyone wants magic in their life, but no one is ready to believe in it! Don’t change who you are for anyone, but don’t close the window quite yet. When you see magic in front you, just watch with an open mind.

Why be afraid? A bird watcher observes birds for ages, he isn’t doing it so he could one day shoot the bird down and make curry with it! He does it to study the bird, and to see how he can help it. There is good in that. Same here, there is no harmful intention.

V: What can Malaysians expect from Insomnia on Friday?

A: A standing ovation! (laughs)

Get your tickets to Mentalist Aathi and Anthony Jacquin’s Insomnia Extended tomorrow in Kuala Lumpur. Contact Rakhi Anand for tickets at +6019-2911170