These past few weeks have been so exhausting for all of us. With the movement control order in place, it has been hard for many. To go out or not? To get groceries or stay home? What is happening, why do I feel anxious and constantly worried?

Well, the truth is, this is probably the ultimate karmic slap on all our faces. We think we have control over life and our time, but the universe has full autonomy when it comes to fate. It is our fate to go through this painful pandemic. But the real question here is to ask yourself, how and what can I do to make myself feel better during these difficult times?

Now, I know, it is not easy and I am not here to say some magic words to completely remove that feeling but maybe this might help!

“We are all in this together”

You are not alone. With the movement control order, we are slowly getting to know the people in our lives better, many of whom we may have taken for granted. It is also funny how technology has forced itself on some of us.

To all the single moms and sole bread winners of the family, I see you and I feel for you. To all the independent women who are scared about how they are going to pay for their rent next month, I see you and I feel for you. To all the families who have their family members tested positive and they can’t meet each other, I see you and I feel for you. To everyone going through these rough times, I see you and I feel for you.

I know that I cannot speak for everyone. I also know that what I am about to say might not work for everyone. Just remember to be kind, because just like you, everyone is also  anxious and overwhelmed.


Meditation or deep breaths is currently saving me from having a complete meltdown. I can swear by this, just try it for 3 consecutive days to really see a difference. Go to a quiet place for 10 minutes. Just sit there and breathe, relax your muscles and let go of that day’s thoughts. Know that you have absolutely no control over the future and that’s okay. (I am literally typing out a meditation session, haha)

Once you are done, if you want to take it a step further, do consider journaling how you feel about your session or anything. Expressing how you feel is an incredible way to let go of the heavy feeling.


This is the best time for you to start cooking or taking on more difficult and challenging recipes. Having been on a keto diet for some time now, I’m using this quarantine to try out recipes that I never imagined I’d make.

Go read up about nutrition and the types of food you want to consume. Bring out the foodie in you that has been hiding! It’s also important to practise mindfulness while eating.

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I am one of those people who don’t really like working out but I enjoy yoga. Give that a try. Moving your body, even if it is just for 15 minutes will make you feel so much better. You do not have sweat bucketloads, the endorphin rush is all you need. Try a low intensity yoga flow, and if you’re like me, it’s the best option!


Slow down and really feel what you are feeling. It okay to be scared, nervous or anxious. It’s also okay to feel like you’ve got this and that this virus won’t harm you.

ANYTHING is EVERYTHING! You can feel anything. Let that feeling flow and like time, that will pass too. Feel free to ask for help. At times like this, it is so important to ask for help. Some of us are fiercely independent (Childhood scars, haha!) but this is the time where you will learn what it feels like to depend on someone! Set your boundaries clear and it will be fine.

Ultimately, there is a huge lesson and opportunity for you to learn from this whole situation. Remember, we are forever evolving and that is the only constant. So it might be uncomfortable or frustrating, just know that you have everything in you to make yourself better. This downtime will force you to reconnect with yourself, which is the most important relationship ever.

This downtime will force you to reconnect with yourself, which is the most important relationship ever.

Also, just keep laughing at all the memes and GIF’s that so many creative people are creating. Come on, there has to be at least one funny TikTok video that would make you laugh. Or you could just watch dog and cat videos.

To those on the frontlines, you guys are the MVPs! The world would have crashed if not for you doing what you do. Thank you for changing the narrative on people’s perception of “low-skilled” jobs. Tough times builds character.

My condolences to everyone who lost a loved one from this deadly virus.

Let’s be considerate of another person’s feelings. Let’s be kind. The world needs it. You need it!