Social media has become a powerful tool during this movement control order (MCO) imposed by the Malaysian government. While it does remain a double edged sword, many now find themselves turning to social media for nuggets of information, even when it comes to fitness.

Admittedly, fitness isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But if it is yours, then keep on reading about the many fitness junkies you can look up on Instagram for your daily home workout.



Online fitness coach Kesavan does this for a living, MCO or not. In his post, he cleverly utilises items found around the house to complete his workout. Yup, you don’t need an entire set of dumbbells.

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Another HomeGymWorkout Rothine for y’all! This time it’s a full upperbody routine. I’m gonna use luggage bag for this. You can manipulate the load by adding more books or clothes inside the bag. 1. Shoulder Press 2. Single Arm Lateral Raise 3. Flat Bench Press 4. Single Arm Chest Fly 5. Single Arm Row 6. Deadlift 7. Tricep Kickback 8. Hammer Curl Rep & Sets: Keep them at high reps around 10-20 or 20-30 since these weights will be light to those who have been lifting for some time. Maintain 4 sets for all exercises because the goal is to increase the total volume of the training session! Load Management: You can add more books or clothes in the bag to perform each exercises according to your strength. As I always say don’t let this lockdown stop you from getting fit. This is a critical time for all of us to gain weight due to lack of movements. So spend one hour a day & train yourself! Stay Safe Stay Fit! #k7fitness #covid_19 #corona #lockdown

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Anuradha Kanasan

Anuradha is a yoga teacher who conducts virtual Hatha Yoga classes. Having taught yoga for four years, this teacher shows no signs of waning, despite the MCO. Check out her profile to join!

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In our Virtual Hatha Yoga Class today, we practiced some preparatory asanas for hip, thigh and hamstring flexibility. Asana of the day was Kurmasana and Astavakrasana. It try my best to teach virtually just like how I teach in real class. Teaching Yoga has been biggest part of my life for the past 4 years. I was teaching 7 days a week in Kajang, Puchong and Batu Caves. I used to meet more than 100 students every week. I shared all my love and the little Yoga knowledge that I have happily with my students.I miss meeting students in real, laughing and sharing stories with them. I miss correcting their postures and alignments physically. I believe that God has given this time to appreciate everything which we thought will be there forever. I pray hard that this time will pass soon. I will continue teaching virtually till I meet all of them once again. #virtualhathayoga #sakthiyoga #yogateacher

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Varhoon Vystra

If you do have dumbbells, however, you could check out Varhoon Vystra’s profile for a few simple workouts. The 22 year old has an entire series of workouts that are easy to follow thanks to his clear explanation. We absolutely loved his at home treadmill!


Another online coach, Kirtan Raj, uses water bottles, water jugs and even a rice bag in place of weights. His workouts are not only easy to follow, they’re quite fun to do as well!

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Here’s a simple home routine for literally anyone to do. It’s super simple and basic. All you need is a partner or anyone at home. During this tough period,we’re all required to stay at home but that shouldn’t be an excuse for you to neglect your health. The exercises are listed as below. Swipe left to view how each exercise is performed. 1. Weighted squats with a partner 2. Squat Hold & Stationary Sprints 3. Push Ups & Planks This was taken super spontaneous and raw,so enjoy every little blooper in it. If you’re a bigger,you can perform every exercise for 3 sets of 15 reps. If you’re a little more advance,you can perform each exercise for about 5 sets of 15-20 reps. Give it a try and stay healthy at home 💪🏽 The final video was an epic fail so enjoy it. – Video edited: @vanillaartfilms – #krfitness #teamnocalves #stayhome #fitness #homeworkout

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This page is run by Kavi Vitya, a yoga teacher who also conducts classes online. She focuses on mental health and stress management, which are key during this MCO period. What we absolutely love about her page is that she routinely collaborates with other fitness enthusiasts to bring the best content to her followers. Well done!

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Vityalaya Worldwide is inviting you to a scheduled Burn Baby Burn (BBB) FREE LIVE session. Beat Your Monday Blues with Justin Mohan! @justin7626 A passionate Fitness enthusiast who never fails to push himself till he finishes it! Date: 30/3/2020(Monday) Time: 07:30 PM HOW TO JOIN? 1. Download the Zoom app 2. Click on the zoom link In bio of Instagram or below to join 3. Enable audio and video 4. Watch and follow the workout Stay safe home! #STAYATHOME #FLATTENTHECURVE #fitness #fitnessmotivation #liveworkout #fitmalaysia #hiitworkout #hiit #vityalaya #vityalayaworldwide #ocrlife #ocr #sports #workoutfromhome #workfromhome #hiitcardio #highintensityintervaltraining #spartan

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Letch Sina

Letch is a fitness enthusiast and trainer at Relevation Republic. Her comprehensive at home workouts are inspiring, probably because she never stops pushing herself. From skipping to weighted exercises, Letch has it all, including a warm up and cool down routine.

All of us are dealing with the MCO in our own way. If fitness is your path, so be it. But if it isn’t, that’s okay. Mental health is key in a time of grave uncertainty like this. Take care of that too!