Going to college is an exciting experience for young adults. It’s the pivotal point in time in which you can make your footprints and leave your mark in the world. You make the decisions that will decide your life and destiny. With all this freedom comes a lot of responsibility too.

During your college days, you would have enjoyed all these moments. Here are some of them that you would have done on campus!

Skipping the 8 A.M. class

At some point in your life you will realise that you are not a morning person and you hate morning classes. Friends will be bribed to sign the attendance to avoid getting barred in exams. You may be a party person, a late-night Netflix binger, or an enthusiastic video gamer who likes to play through the night. Whatever the cause, these individuals sometimes catch themselves staying up right until 4:00 a.m., 5:00 a.m., and 6:00 a.m., which is not suitable for the morning class schedule.

Having nicknames for lecturers

For example, just like in the Nanban movie, I’m sure all of us have faced a ‘Virus’ during our campus days.

Mamak stall hangouts after class

It is a must to go to a Mamak stall right after the evening class. A typical order at the mamak will sound like “Anne! Oru teh tarik, kurang manis!” The entire world is forgotten until your mum calls you and asks “Veetuku varreh mani aageleyo ?” and you’ll be like “I’m on the way Maa” while you are still chit-chatting at the Mamak stall.

Bunking with a friend at the hostel

Once in your lifetime, you would have experienced a sleepover at your friends’ place after a party.

Last-minute assignments

In every group, there will be a topper, multi-tasking person, sleepyhead, and of course a last minute workaholic. Doing assignments at the final hour before it’s due for handover is filled with fun and stress at the same time.

Burning the midnight oil during the final examination

Most of us usually prepare ourselves just 2-3 days before the exam. Starting from writing down notes and going through tutorial questions and past year papers just a few days before the exam starts.

Discovering new places to hangout

Campus life is the best life where you discover so many new places to hang out with your friends. From the city to the rural area, the discovery and plans for a hangout session is a whole level of excitement.

Marking or creating your ports at your uni

This happens everywhere! Once you enter university and start to mingle around, you will have your group of friends where all of you hang out together. The moment when your friend from another faculty finishes his or her class, the first thing they will do is call you and ask “Cha, yenge irukke?” and you will reply “Nambe port leh thaan, siikirum vaa.”

Using your student ID to get as much discounts as possible

A Student ID card is such a gem to all students. By showing their ID, they get many benefits such as discounts in the cinema, restaurants, karaoke, gym, bowling alleys, stationery shops, and many more. Many of us would have still tried using our student ID’s to get discounts at cinemas long way after graduation.

University crush

Last but not least, this is the most beautiful stage throughout life where we will have a crush on someone stepping into adulthood. It could be with anyone such as young lecturers, tutors and even fellow students. It’s that time where you would venture into crazy things just to impress your crush and make him or her fall in love with you. Awwww .. that feeling though !!!!!
University life is filled with ups and downs. Friends are people who knows your strengths and weakness and will always be a shoulder for you to lean on. You can never get all these moments back in your life! So, enjoy it while you’re at university. These are the moments to be cherished in life for a lifetime!

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