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Thank you for clicking on the link to read. I have some hope that you are the kind of person who looks at life with the concept of “half full” kind of a person! Read my article further to understand why! 


Yes, 2020 has been an unusual year. A year filled with uncertainties and endless possibilities. A year where you knew who meant the most to you and who were insignificant in your lives. A year where you will never forget in your living life because it is the beginning of an era. An era to an unknown destination. But, the journey has not changed! 

In 2020, some of you lost your jobs, homes and everything under the sun other than the will to live. While, some of you might have been just barely surviving, but enough to cover the basic needs. Some of us, still have a decent paying job but with the constant fear of 

“ Am I going to be fired next?” 

The only time I will ever use a Donald Trump image.

I also know, some of you, might have had a promotion and received so much more blessings in life. Then of course, last but not least, the unkind people. 

Like I said, 2020 is the year of an anomaly. We started off the year completely clueless, not knowing that 2020 will go down as one of the most significant times of the human era. The lockdown started and things started to get real. For some of us, the lockdown did do good. Personally, I managed to work from home and I got paid. Hence why, my experience on this lockdown was a lot easier, financially and physically, but not mentally. 

Here is the thing about mental health. It does not see your bank balance or social status. It happens to us. Some of us can deal with it to a certain level, while some of us will have to seek help. Some of us seek for time. 2020 has been my spiritual guru. It has shown red flags in my relationships, hard hitting bitter truth that could completely change your situation around, and many other scenarios. Being in a confined space worked for me because I knew that this was a sign and I had to jump on this wagon. 

From being a person who tries to argue to win to being someone who picks her battles, I would say that 2020 has successfully brought a few good changes to my not so great traits. Like any other human being, occasionally, I still do slip ups. I would start the argument with this thought, but I will quickly realise that it would not serve me well.

Here is the thing about bad traits, with a lot of time, you will be able to get rid of them completely. But, don’t forget, it is not the destination, but it is our journey to it. These slip-ups are part of it. Apologising and being accountable for your behaviour; helps to tame the ego down. 

If you are anything like me, “a glass half full” kinda gal, you know this article was written with the intention to affirm you with positivity. In no way I am here to rub into anyone’s face about how much progress I have made in my life. Remember this, the fact that you are reading this article is more than enough as to proof that you are fighting through this pandemic. The fact that you are alive amidst COVID-19 is enough. The fight is not over yet. Be proud of all things that you have done this year. Who cares if you have put on a couple of pounds, it is none of other people’s business about how your body looks. Be kind to the people around you; all of us are adjusting to a new and enhanced normal. 

“Thank yourself for this moment. Breathe and let go to allow new opportunities in your life!” 

I want to take this moment to thank every single one of my Varnam readers. Thank you for being such a wonderful, decent and engaging audience. Wishing you nothing but happiness and peace. Have a splendid year ahead of you and I will see you in 2021.