Apart from his famous characters and respectable personality, he is also very much known for his stylish mannerism that no one else can comprehend when it concerns the Superstar and his Superstyle.

Do you remember the famous dialogue from Padayappa? Minsara Kanna, Ellarukkum unnai yen pudichirukku theriyuma? Vayasa aanalum, un style’um azhaggum innum unnai vittu pogele. (Do you know why everybody likes you? Although you’re ageing, its because your style and good-looks haven’t left you)

The statement is indeed true till date! On that note, let’s indulge in our very own compilation of some of the iconic styles of our dear Thalaivar.  


The salute

When you salute, have you ever heard a blustering sound? Like your hands moving against the wind’s energy that makes a strong sound? Well, this unusual occurrence does not happen to everyone. In fact, there is only one individual who has the privilege of  witnessing the rare phenomenon of nature, and that is Rajinikanth.

The templeless specs

Who would have thought of wearing glasses without its temples? Well, Rajinikanth did it! If you watched Baasha, you would know what we are talking about. 

The cigarette style

This is his most famous and special one, also one of his prominent styles since the early days of his career. In fact, it was once highly speculated that his cigarette style caught the attention of movie directors.

The chewing gum style (version 2.0)

In 2007, Rajinikanth made a stylish comeback with the film Sivaji. He decided to take a healthier initiative and replaced his style of flipping cigarettes, with chewing gum.  Although the prop was replaced, his style remained the same.

The thundu style

This style has many layers to it as it varies from one movie to another, From Ejamaan to Muthu to Annamalai. They all had different styles of thundu wearing.

The slick-back hair style

Who needs a comb when you can just slick your hair back stylishly? Oh, there are no phrases to describe how chic it is to see him slicking back his hair in ultimate style. His hairstyle was maintained in movies and was rarely altered if anyone noticed, which resulted in the iconic Rajini look.

The glasses

This is also considered an iconic one. When Rajnikanth was featured in Bear Grylls’s Man Vs Wild’s Into The Wild which was broadcasted on Discovery channel’s streaming app, he patiently demonstrated Grylls, the way he wears his glasses. This video went viral over social media.

The gatham-gatham hand gesture

To the tamil audience, this hand gesture significantly appeared in 2002 in his movie, Baba. As all of us know, the superstar is spiritually very inclined and this is not just any gesture but a yogic mudra called Apana Mudra. This mudra is said to give relief from constipation, anuria, flatulence and piles.

No matter how many movies he does, his style and charismatic look isn’t going to fade! He always makes it a point to set the screen on fire in all his films!