In most of our households, we have never been told nor advised to take care of our mental state. Mental health is still a subject of ridicule and taboo in the minds of our society. Those suffering often times are in silence cloaked around the fear of being judged. 

This is primarily due to the lack of education on what mental illness is really about. Those people that have the most shallowest mind are quick to relate negative affliction to mental health conditions. The Indian community in particular has been very harsh towards those suffering from mental illnesses, often times labelling mental illness as a form of demonic possession.


Mental disorders causes a drastic effect on 19% of adults, 46% of teens and 13% of children nationwide. Those who have major issues with their mental health could be in your family, live nearby, work in the same space or stand in the same very corner of the room as you and we may never be entirely aware of their ordeal.

Even so, only half of those afflicted are treated, mostly due to mental health stigma. Untreated, mental illness could lead to increased medical expenditures, lower school and work efficiency, reduce job prospects and an increased risk of suicide.

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Though the evident conceptualisation of mental illness has improved in recent years, research shows that stigma against mental illness remains intact.

Its about time to give some crucial thought to mental illness! The COVID-19 pandemic has surely made mental health a serious global issue with more people diagnosed from intense mental health problems due to the loss of jobs, loss of income to afford mental health treatment. Eventually causing a serious spike of suicide cases in the country!

If you or a loved one are under such intense stress, know that professional help is in your reach. Listed below are a few adverse organisations providing professional medical guidance to curb mental health related issues in Malaysia.

1Unit Pakar Kesejahteraan Psikologi Dan Kaunseling (PKPK), UKM

  • Free of charge
  • Contact details: 011- 23803861 or 019- 9102894 (WhatsApp)

2Centre For Psychological and Counseling Services (CPCS)

3Soul Mechanics

4SOLS Health

5Malaysian Mental Health Association

6Humankind Community Counselling

  • RM50 per session (can inform them if you are unable to pay the RM50 fee)
  • Contact details: Website

7Ment Couch Psychology Centre

8People Psychological Services

  •  RM60 per session
  • Contact details: 017- 899 2207 or Website

9The Mind Faculty KL

10Cara Cara Mental Fitness

11Ashwini Balagopal (MBPsS)

It is not feasible to relieve mental illness without professional aid and care. It’s a challenging move to open up and address the issue but it’s worth the effort and time to focus on our mental health.

Remember, the mind is our greatest weapon to battle the everyday life, fight for your mental well-being.