Kalidevan, better known as Chef Dave, has recently gone viral for his vegan recipes on YouTube.

Hailing from Segamat, Johor, Chef Dave is a through and through foodie. After a stint of 7 years working in the kitchens of 5 Star hotels, he switched jobs to work as a western cuisine chef on a Disney Cruise line last year.

However, the end of 2019, he turned vegan overnight, after watching videos on animal cruelty in the dairy industry. He is now vegan, to stand in solidarity with animals, he says.


Currently, working on mastering Malaysian and Asian vegan recipes, Chef Dave also aims to show the world that eating more plant-based food is easier than it seems. Right now, Chef Dave has more than 11,900 subscribers, and his recipes garner quite a bit of attention from people of all backgrounds.

From recipes like mushroom briyani to mee goreng and pasta, Chef Dave has it all on his channel.

Keep following your passion, Chef Dave!

Check out Chef Dave’s Youtube Channel here.