Times have evolved so much in this tech-savvy era that it has brought about many online chefs, cooking up mouth-watering eyegasmic dishes.

Recipes to any sort of dish hailing from the streets of India to the nooks of Malaysia are all sorted out with just a scroll and a click away on our social media handles.

Here are the best online chefs who tend to feed us daily with eyegasmic food, that gets us stirring away in the kitchen trying to put the dishes to work, whilst intimidating us with their mind-blowing cooking skills!


Why serve food in its normal mundane form when you could add a bit of fun and excitement to it?

These skilled chefs have not only enlightened us well with an array of cooking tips and recipes but also showed us eccentric ways of serving food despite having them cooked at home.

To those that have been craving for some of the best mouth-watering food, and at the same time can’t wait to treat your family to an explosion of different appetising cuisines out of your comfort zones, check them out to have a fun delectable CMCO at home.

Happy experimenting..:)