This festival, apart from murukkus and fire crackers and non-veg dishes, why not go for cookies as well? It’s a perfect sweet indulgence treat to munch on after that awesome mutton curry!

And what if cookies are served Creatively? With some super cool designs on it, Looks too Divine to Be eaten really. 

It can be a simple yet one of a kind decorative idea to serve a tasty cookie treat on your Deepavali dining table, wouldn’t it? If your are already drooling…than this is the perfect satisfying indulgence for you.


Hence, having said that, check out MyKekiss, an online cookie store that delivers fancy cookies. Head to their Instagram account to get your hands on some sweet fancy cookies for your Deepavali.

These imaginative colourful cookies also offer other services such as free lessons, through their Youtube channel, as they sell DIY fancy cookie boxes where you can decorate your own cookie.

You will have fun making Your own Cookie and eating It afterwards!

So this Deepavali, if you’re trying to serve something different apart from the traditional Murukkus on your coffee table, feel free to check out their social media and get yourself a box of cute-looking cookies.