With the recent prohibition of inter-district travels, holiday lovers can now take a detour into the serenity of peace by taking a break from all the working from home dilemmas.

To those of you who devour the sight of nature and have been longing to take a trip away from the ever buzzing concrete jungle, we have picked a few discrete places here in our very own Selangor, just so you could have a great weekend getaway snuggled up in the comforts of nature!

Nature lovers and enthusiasts, this is for you!


1Tanah Larwina

Source: Tanah Larwina Official Facebook Page

Hidden away in the luxury of greens, accompanied with the sound of gushing water from the stream, Tanah Larwina is a glimpse of heaven on earth for all nature and animal lovers as this villa is also home to an animal farm built on a 3 acre orchard.

Source: Tanah Larwina Official Facebook Page

The villas are magnificently built with glass doors exteriors overlooking the beautiful ecological environment, a truly therapeutical sight bringing peace of mind to all you city hustlers.

On a note, do bare in mind that this place is an exclusive private property. Only those whom have paid to stay in the villas are allowed to enter into this paradise, outsiders or walk-ins are strictly prohibited into their premises.

To have a stay-vacation at this place, do book in advance cause it only accommodates a limited number of people to preserve its gloriously breathtaking nature and serve one with utmost serene, peace and privacy.

Location: Tanah Larwina, Batu 23, Jalan Sungai Lui, Kampung Paya Lebar, 43100 Hulu Langat, Selangor Darul Ehsan

2Rumah Kebun

Source: Rumah Kebun’s Official Facebook Page

A 45-minute drive away from the hubbub and busyness of the city, takes you to an ideal holiday destination in the suburbs of Selangor. This private homestay has been a buzz all over the internet lately with it’s picture-worthy natural surroundings.

Source: HARI3AKU Blog

The beauty of this place is definitely a stunner merely due to its blue emerald pool fed by natural spring water that has surely made a name for itself. This homestay is able to host up to 16 people with a luscious space for you to have a wonderful time well spent in nature’s best.

The bonfire lit up in the evening accompanied by the warm chilly air of the forest mist is sure to give you an unforgettable experience to cherish at Rumah Kebun.

Location: Rumah Kebun, Kg Sg Semungkis, Bt 14 1/2 Hulu Langat, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia

3Gerimis Senja Villa

Source: Gerimis Senja Villa’s Official Facebook Page

Gerimis Senja Villa is a luxurious villa built on the upfront of a hill, able to hold up to 20 people, perfect as a gathering spot to be spent with your entire fambam or friends!

Source: Gerimis Senja Villa’s Official Facebook Page

This ravishing villa with exquisite interior built in wooden architectures and stone build bath tubs serves you a lush holiday experience, just a few kilometres away from the city, is kinda like a Bali holiday feel!

Why burn a hole in your pocket, planning for a trip to Bali, when you have the exact replica of the place right here near your doorstep! Save Bali for after the much awaited COVID-19 vaccine.

Location:  Gerimis Senja Villa, Batu 17 3/4, Kampung Dusun Tua, 43100, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia

4Ratu Rening Residency

Source: Ratu Rening Residency’s Official Facebook Page

Nestled in Selangor, a nature getaway at Ratu Rening Residency is surely a must for you holiday buffs! For your entire stay, you will be served with the cosiest atmosphere poised in a tropical jungle near the range of Banjaran Titiwangsa viewing Selangor’s best tranquility. 

Source: Ratu Rening Residency’s Official Facebook Page

This place is composed of 2 entities, they are Sekebun Bunga and Dusun Raja that are perfect for a big family getaway. Sekebun Bunga sits along Sungai Hijau while Dusun Raja is located near a water reservoir offering you perfect solitude and bliss. 

Ratu Rening Residency, has received multiple votes as one of the best riverside holiday destinations in Malaysia for it’s alluring nature and hospitality service provided.

Location: Ratu Rening Residency, Ulu Rening, 44300 Batang Kali, Selangor DaruL Ehsan, Malaysia

The current pandemic has definitely taken a toll on our holiday plans with strict restrictions forbidding our travels abroad. In accordance to the inter-district travel loosening, let’s ease our minds and freshen ourselves up with the bliss of nature.

Henceforth, why travel far when you have got this enthralling vacay spots right here at your threshold!

Have a great time with a fun-filled safe getaway at one of nature’s best hideaway folks!