Living in this tropical country is sure a blessing for all Malaysians, gifted with the presence of such astonishing vacation spots in the country carrying abundant lush rainforests, serene highlands, stunning islands, and pristine beaches while overseas travel remains a question mark for the near future.

On that note, nothing beats a beach vacation to replace the weekday blues with the best kind of blue there is: ocean blues!

With the Straits of Malacca and the South China Sea encircling the land, we have miles and miles of coastline to discover. Take a look at these 11 coastal romantic getaways on the peninsular to east Malaysia!


11La Villa Langkawi, Kedah

In Malaysia, with the abundance of nature preserves we have, encrypted with such preferential stay spots, it’s a definite bliss for all of us to cherish and check em out! Instead of burning on a heavy billed vacation abroad when we have them right here, gifted with absolute tranquility in our very own backyard.

With lots of picturesque colonial style architecture, tranquil beaches with sparkling clear seas, and plenteous eateries with majestic views of the coast, they stay vacay listed above is just what everyone needs as a wonderful getaway from the hustle and bustle of KL city!