It’s because dating and flirting are practices where brevity and uncertainty comes as a package in any relationship these days.

There is likely to be plenty of poor communication among couples where subtle, vague communication takes place just for the sake of keeping the relationship going, still very much present with shortcomings in expressing the ultimate message to their partner.


Miscommunication and Mixed Signals

One key characteristic of flirting is that both parties say they don’t flirt but they actually do, at times flirting may not even seem wrong to them because they tend to perceive it as being friendly, this happens when a couple fails to set the barrier on being flirtatious and overly friendly. 

Miscommunications and MIxed signals May often Times confuse a man if the signal he gets from the woman is a yes, or even a maybe.

Besides that, there is also an element of misdirection in flirting. For instance, a guy may jokingly tease a woman he ‘s interested in. Including cases where someone doesn’t take a hint, therefore it leads to the circumstances where the guy perceives the reaction from the woman as ‘YES’, and he continues to pursue her. 

Hence if you are clear to not want any sort of communication with the man to escalate further, sit him down and explain how things are on your side, give him a view that you  clearly mean ‘NO’.

Express Your Feelings And Intentions Clearly

Don’t beat around the bush, or hold onto his conversations and go along the flow just because you like the attention you get or obliging to not hurt his feelings.

Of course, who doesn’t like a bit of attention shown on us, but if you are not interested or worst, committed to someone say it out to him distinctly, i’m sure most guys would understand the message and back off eventually.

Don’t get me wrong ladies, but at times being too nice to not hurt someone, could actually lead you to hurt them more in the long run. So, be very honest and blunt about how you feel earlier when you have a sense of a much more intense romantic like conversation.

If you like him, tell him and if you don’t feel the same way, say that very precisely and clearly too.

Our gestures and actions don’t lie, so when a lady stays reserved and contained without opening up to your intentions, it shouts a big “no”!

Being Nice, Doesn’t Define A “YES”

Don’t take their soft, demure gesture or their “friendliness” as them playing hard to get, just cause they gave you a hug or asked you for help. Don’t put the blame on them in trying to pin them down by saying those were definite signals of ‘YES’ shown.

Women these days are very honest and brutal with their intentions, hence, you would know how someone reacts if they dislike the way you approach them. Come to the acceptance that the girl you are trying really hard for just doesn’t want your love and attention.

If all these fail, and he still gets in your way, especially so when you’ve patiently and calmly waited for him to get the gist that you’re not really shifting the ‘no’ to ‘yes,’ and yet he’s just lobbying around for a relationship that you don’t want with him, you might have a little choice but to repudiate by shutting him off completely.

A “NO” Means A “NO” Regardless Of Gender

It’s just not about us women always. If it comes to a no, it works on both ends, equally for both men and women.

Let’s accept the fact that we can’t be shooting the bullets of fault on men always. At times, there are a fair few number of ladies whom don’t take a men’s “no” for a no and barge into his way Seeking his attention.

Just because you are a woman and when you like someone and go bulldozing your way on him with gifts and expectations, putting out the safe card that you don’t expect him to do the same but just want his love back in return, how do you feel when a guy you “friend-zoned’ does the same to you?

Respect a man’s wishes by obliging to the same rules you set for yourself, Those rules dont differ in definition regardless of gender!

He might not want it with you and is being too nice to put up a big ‘NO’ sign to not bring hurt, so if he gives you replies like “i’m not ready”, “let’s see how it goes’ and “maybe not now” those are statements clearly depicting to you to give him some time or he is just not ready to go where your intentions are pulling him to.

Actions Tend To Speak Louder Than Words

Communication and the method in delivering a message should be very accurate and meticulously delivered in making sure it doesn’t carry any hidden meaning.

Saying ‘NO’ by words and letting your gestures vibe on a full ‘YES’ is not going to do any help.

If it’s a ‘NO’ go all out on it and make sure the person on the other end understands your message. If they keep banging on the closed door then “Ignorance Is Bliss”.

Remember a ‘NO’ is a ‘NO’ regardless of any gender!