If Stan Lee was alive, he would have been very proud!

Mr. Selvakumar K Tharmalingam who hails from Slim River, Perak started selling Petai two months ago. The 22-years-old young entrepreneur currently pursuing his degree in Business Administration of International Business at Klang Valley. However, due to the recovery movement control order (RMCO), his classes have moved to online.


Selling Petai was not a new business for his family as Selva’s grandfather was a Petai seller but none of his family members took over his business. He found himself free during the RMCO phase and decided to start back the business. The idea of Spider man costume arose when he decided to not be another ordinary Petai seller on the street.

“I started selling Petai two months ago. My grandfather used to sell Petai but no one in the family took over the business from him. I thought, why not give it a try?” said Selvakumar.

“And it worked. I didn’t expect this much of support from the public. I didn’t expect this idea would get this much of attention from anyone,” said the bewildered second-year university student.

“People are attracted to Spider-Man, and then they buy the Petai from me. So, my marketing strategy works. This is just a part-time business for me. I want to be a police officer. That’s my dream since childhood,” he explained, adding that he will do anything and put in all effort possible to achieve his ambition.

Currently, Selva does delivery for the whole states in Malaysia. If you happen to spot him anywhere in Slim River, don’t forget to purchase both whole and de-shelled Petai from him.

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