Vadivelu is an Indian movie actor, comedian, and playback singer. Since the 1990’s, he has appeared primarily as a comedian in Tamil movies and is renowned for his hit comedies. Vadivelu is famous for his humour which is always delivered sarcastically. Here are some of his comical yet famous dialogues that we actually use in our communication without even realising it.

1Enne vechi comedy geemedy pannaleye ?!

This wonderful dialogue made it to the top of the list, purely because of its pace. Any time a friend makes fun of you, and you say, “deyy enne vechi comedy geemedy panneleye?” Such sarcasm, yet so much beauty.


2Aaniye pudungevenam

For moments when your closest friend is patching up with their boyfriend/girlfriend while doing the same dumb thing in the relationship which led to their initial break-up, you may hear yourself say, “nee aaniye pudungevenam.”


When you know that your buddy is lying to your face but you still attempt to listen and pretend that you believe whatever they are saying, then waiting for them to finish their sentence and finally replying “aahann!”

4Vada poche

This basic dialogue has found its way through both school and college vocabulary collection of students to convey loses in a funny way. Next time, consider using this one when you and your bestie struggle in the same subject right after an examination! We’ve always talked about this “vada poche” dialogue.

5Naa apediye shock aiten

This dialogue comes to mind when we see our mischievous best friends studying hard in the library, leading us to disbelief. In a true Vadivelu tone, we say, “naa apediye shock aiten.”

6Mande batheram

We tend to use this dialogue whenever we are in the midst of an argument with our circle of friends. It is a dialogue which signifies that we are not in a good mood and the other party is irritating us to the max!

7Ithuku peru than azhagula mayangartho?

We use this dialogue to cheekily irritate our friends or significant other when they are all glammed up for a night out. It actually means that we are swept away by their beauty.

8Shabaa ippoveh kanne kattuthe

That moment right after you had a heavy meal and feel sleepy. Telling your colleague “Shabaa ippoveh kanne kathuthe” and both of you end up taking a short nap until your boss comes in and wakes the both of you.

9Yetheyum plan panni pannenum, plan panname panna ippedi than

When it’s your friend’s birthday, and you plan to give him/her a surprise visit but when you reach their place and realise that they are on vacation, you would automatically express this dialogue usually in regret.

10Varalaru migavum mukkiyam amaichare

That irritating moment, when someone forgets their origin and culture just because they are abroad, you utter “varalaru migavum mukkiyam amaichare”, to remind them not to forget their mother tongue and motherland even though they are settled in a different country.

I’m sure we can’t get enough of Vadivelu! No tamil movie would be complete without the great comedian.