IdeaMoney Productions produced a beautiful montage feast that touched the hearts of the Malaysian celebrity couple and their guests. Vasanth Sarna’s directorial debut for a cinematic pre-wedding montage is as raw as it can be, working alongside the ever talented Sangeeta Krishnasamy.

From their star-studded Ennaval film to the beautiful pre-wedding montage, it was their chemistry that made it so mesmerising. The montage has AR Rahman’s Thumbi Thullal, music that was released on June 29th. With a stunning landscape, the video has turned out well and left netizens amazed.

Of the apparent multitude of components of an Indian wedding, pre-wedding photoshoots hold an extraordinary mark in our hearts. Simply think about those upbeat shivers you experience taking a gander at fantastic photos of two lovebirds as they embrace each other lovingly?


Watch the super-stunning pre-wedding montage here:

We hope that you are inspired by this video. Steal some ideas from these celebs and mix your own expressions with them to have a perfect pre-wedding shoot.