There’s always something distinctive about handmade jewellery. No matter how modernised we are, it is still important to support the artisan crafts. 

Despite the solidity, they are unique expressions of one’s own creativity. These good artistic designs, however, are less appreciated by our community because of their price value.

The urban part of us should accept the creative spirit of these small businesses especially during festive seasons like Deepavali and hence, support local jewellery makers.


We have listed a few handcrafted jewellery outlets you can head to purchase some beautiful jewels:

1RY & RI Accessories

It’s a slow-made, polymer clay earring brand, with every pair individually designed, created and detailed by hand. Every pair has undergone a long process of sanding and buffing until it is completed. Their Deepavali offer is as low as RM10 per pair of earrings.

2Sils Handmade Designs

This brand is specialised in beads design. The beads are threaded with a wild combination of colours. Their designs includes beaded peacock feathers, beaded flower earrings, colourful rainbow series earrings, beaded loops as well as macrame mandala earrings.

3Hey Sinamika

It’s a light weighted, fabric, oxidised silver earring where they collaborate modern and classical Indian style. The fabric design is however hand painted and stitched. Their latest earrings are limited edition with only one piece in each design.

4Medhini Studio

This brand is extremely eco-friendly and their jewellery are made of terracotta and fabric. They are clay based ceramic which are later hand painted. This jewellery brand have started selling Kada with Trishul and Rudraksha design themed jewellery.

5The Meraki Chic

This brand does not only sell handmade, ready-made jewelleries but they also customise jewellery upon order. They specialise in creating colourful earring statements and jumkas as well as beaded and fabric designed earrings.

These lists are only a fraction of many other handcrafted businesses which operate on Instagram. Just type ‘Handmade Jewellery’ on Instagram and you’re going to be bombarded with so many of them, you would be lost for choices.

Let us all do our part in supporting local small businesses as well. Deepavali is not just about happiness, it’s indefinitely about bringing light to someone else’s life, too. Purchasing our favourite jewellery here will not just beautify us, it will also help bring joy to someone else’s face, mostly towards businesses that have endured so much during this pandemic.

And the secret to happiness is To Bring Happiness to others.

Happy Deepavali everybody!