Oh My!!! We are back to the Movement Control Order (MCO) days despite all measures taken, due to the negligence of certain people to adhere to the SOP’s. This has caused us to duly return into the worst unprecedented phase of life again!

So what shall we do come MCO 2.0 when we are left with little but no choice to stay home? They say, “an idle man is the devil’s workshop”, hence we gotta occupy our minds and thoughts in order to keep us sane and stress free.

Here, we gotcha ya! Check out this 5 things you could do to lift you up from lockdown blues.


1Be A Trendsetter, Start A New Trend!

Last lockdown, we were enthralled with multiple trends exploding the net and social medias having people from all high and low joining the bandwagon.

Some of the interesting trends were whipping up dalgona coffee and OOTD pics with pillows and blankets.

So try coming up with something interesting, maybe make your own twist to bubble teas at home or if you have got a nice piece de resistance hanging up there as a prop in your living room, time to adore yourself dressed up with the curtains as your frock, snap, and share it away in your gram!

Trust me, you would never know how this could become an instant hit having people from all corners of the world doing it soon!

2Declutter and Donate

Getting confined at home finally grants us with enough time and chance to have a better dig through our worldly goods.

We could take a moment to actually recognise items we seldom or don’t use at all and clean up some space, starting with at the top with one of the most important place which is our closet. Yes folks! I hear y’all, you gotta do away with clothing that you do not need no more, and eventually decluttering your space through things like books, decorations, toys, etc.

Through the decluttering, we will surely come across items that may no longer be of use to us and we can learn to live without some things that might be appreciated or valued by someone else somewhere.  

So come on, let’s get to our feet and sort them out and organise our clutter for donation. Many folks out there who are in great need would be blessed with your good deed. Better to say goodbye to em’, rather than collect dust at every nook and corner of your home.

Remember, being a minimalist rocks!


With many unexpected events rising from the pandemic especially during this prevalent times, take some time off from all social media, or even people and get a nice book and enjoy the essence of peace that you have just been served with.

pamper yourself with your favourite body lush, get a cup filled with your most indulged coffee or tea, sooth and ease your mind, put on your favourite jam and get on with the Zen vibe!

At times, taking sometime off to spend time entirely with yourself could really be the right therapy or detox needed to clear your mind and thoughts away from the things that were draining your mental state.

4Take A Free Online Course!

With education being so expensive now, a free online class without burning a hole in your pocket is something you should definitely enrol yourself into especially with the luxury of time given.

Online classes come in various choices from cookery, writing to even photography.

Hence, a good online class that gives you a valid certificate is definitely a must have, especially when you have taken a course that could help elevate your skills at work, it will indeed be a good element to be added onto your CV.

5Time To Unleash The Mixologist!

One thing we definitely miss during this dire times, that is the spice of fun for many is devouring and sipping boozing bubbling fancy cocktails or mocktails, with mouth drooling bites or tapas spending their evenings away with their closed ones accompanied by some good soothing music.

It time to get you hands on the booze you have stashed in your collections and get the mixing game on!

Why wait for the waterholes in town to open when you could serve the same excitement at the comforts of your home. Make your own mini bar! 

Remember to have a good connoisseur to be your taste tester and invite your friends and family over to your place for a fun- exciting day full of laughs and smiles!

6Time To Learn To Cook And Perhaps Start A Tiny Garden

Enduring a busy lifestyle results to a lack of time for cooking, many of us frequently turn to takeaway food. Well, now, maybe, is the perfect chance to learn how to cook and treat ourselves with a homemade delicious dish.  

You may watch all those Gordon Ramsey stuff! You may learn a thing or two from the brash yet hellish great chef.

Cooking can become a lot of fun and, centred on our taste and diet, allows us to select our own recipes and menu. It’s much healthier and typically more cost-effective than take-away, so why not give it a shot?

We may also start venturing into our own tiny garden by planting home based herbs for our cooking. 

So folks, despite this many exciting things to do as a getaway from the concrete jungle to get tucked in the peace of mind and home, some may feel the distress of this unprecedented time getting into their mind disrupting their mental state. Always remember that help is just a call away! We are in this together and we are all here for one another..