Director Bharat Bala, who earlier made Dhanush’s hit film Maryan, is all set to release a documentary titled Meendum Ezhuvom today. The 4-minute-long documentary captures India during the lockdown with the help of a team comprising of 117 members from different parts of the country.

Director Bala released a statement, which read, “This is an extraordinary time in our history, one that must be documented for posterity. Generations ahead need to see how their nation of 1.3 billion came to a complete halt in the face of an unprecedented pandemic in the modern era.”


“The crews filmed the lockdown across 14 states, covering thousands of kilometres, to document this watershed moment of global history. The film spans the extents of the country, from Kashmir to Kerala, Gujarat to Assam.”

Bharat Bala apparently instructed the members through video calls and a master control room was set up in Mumbai to coordinate with the team.

He said, “Meendum Ezhuvom is a tribute to this nation of vastness, of power and presence, and of scale. The thread of resilience of a country that must move again. As we move ahead from this period of lockdown, India will slowly get back to life and go forth into an uncertain future. But we will remember this time and our collective human experience in the face of this historical time. We must never forget.”

He also thanked central government, local and state authorities for providing immense support to shoot this documentary during lockdown. Recently, there were reports that Bharat Bala will be collaborating with legendary cinematographer PC Sreeram for a new project.

News Credit: India Today