We are still riding high on the fever of Thalaivar’s birthday, as you can see. Here are three incredible musical tributes to Rajinikanth that you NEED to watch.

Want to be RAJINIFIED? A capella by Sathyaprakash, Pravin Saivi, Shenbagaraj & Bmac

This a capella rendition of Thalaivar film soundtracks go back to our favourite film, Muthu, up to his latest, Petta. Tamil a capella wizard Pravin Saivi conducted, mixed and rearranged this medley of tunes, and needless to say, it is perfection itself.

Sathyaprakash, Shenbagaraj and Pravin himself harmonise to the tunes, their voices always in sync, while rapper Bmac Mastamind beatboxes his love for Thalaivar. This is one of those YouTube clips that you’ll watch years from now, and feel all warm and fuzzy inside thanks to the brilliant minds behind it.

A Musical Tribute To Rajinikanth – Haricharan & Shweta Mohan

Haricharan, Shweta Mohan and keyboardist Sham Benjamin give us a beautiful medley of Rajinikanth tunes. This five year old clip still lilts us today, and that is the embodiment of what Rajini stands for.

The trio performed is a casual jamming-style unplugged set consisting of 6 songs from Thalaivar’s 1977 film Bhuvana oru Kelvikuri all the way to the 2014 Koochadaiyaan. Another evergreen YouTube video, courtesy of Haricharan, Shweta and Sham.

Superstar Rajinikanth – An IndoSoul Tribute

Instrumental carnatic fusion band Indosoul rocked their performance in Kuala Lumpur recently with their medley of Thalaivar songs accompanied by some spectacular visuals. Now, us Rajini fans can rejoice, as Indosoul has released a YouTube version of this performance.

The always smiling front runner of the band, Karthick Iyer dazzles us on the violin as Vikram Vivekanand, Sumesh Narayanan, Ramkumar Kanakarajan, Reshwin Nishith and Siddharth Kumar transport us to the days of Baasha and Arunachalam. We journey with Thalaivar in front of us and Indosoul by our side, with every beat in synchrony with our heart.

How did you do this Indosoul? How did you make us fall even more in love with Rajinikanth? And more importantly, when is this tune out on Spotify?

Happy birthday, Rajinikanth. We love you.