Malaysian Tamil reggae godfather Sasi The Don has joined forces with music producer Navin D’Navigator to produce and compose Aku Pilih B, a song by Malaysians, for Malaysians, to embrace an exciting new cashless future. Renowned Malaysian Tamil rapper Balan Kashmir was featured in the song, along with Zizi Kirana, Jeryl Lee and MK (K-Clique).

The Aku Pilih B team. From left: MK (K-Clique), Navin D’Navigator, Zizi Kirana, Sasi The Don and Balan Kashmir

Sasi has been working with multiple advertising agencies for 18 years now. He started Creative Lions Asia four years ago. Sasi and his team regularly create content and produce ads for corporate clients. The singer is the executive producer of the Aku Pilih B video.

Been in advertising for 18 years working with Multiple.agencies and Started CREATIVE Lions Asia 4 years ago


He talks about his latest composition, “With passion and pride, ‘Aku Pilih B’ was conceptualized as an ode to the digital transformation the nation is presently going through,”

Sasi has been at the helm of his own advertising agency, Creative Lions Asia, for 18 years now. He regularly produces ads and creates content for corporate clients.

“It took us 7 days to write the lyrics, find the right melody, and produce the music video, which we’re very proud of. Working with such talent has made it an extremely rewarding experience. Plus, to have the chance to work with an organisation that is pushing for positive change among Malaysians is a bonus,” he said.

Aku Pilih B has Sasi’s unmissable stamp on it, thanks to the reggae introduction and overall feel of the tune. The lyrics to the tune was penned by Altimet and Abby.

Sasi with the BOOST marketing team and talents of Aku Pilih B

The collaboration between executive producer Sasi, Navin and the four artistes with Boost was aimed at showcasing the choices Malaysians can make every day to live a convenient cashless lifestyle.

Sasi also shared that he thoroughly enjoyed working on this truly Malaysian track, “As artistes, we’re always looking to our fans to tell us what they want to hear. Nothing makes a bigger impact than a multilingual song like this, featuring artistes of different races. It showcases our unity and harmony as Malaysians and we wouldn’t have it any other way,”