Singer and composer Santosh Logandran‘s latest hit is Rani, featuring rapper Yunohoo. The track is from his debut Tamil album, In Pursuit of Santhosham. Rani is now available on all major distribution platforms, including Spotify.

Yunohoo and Santosh Logandran at the launch of In Pursuit of Santhosham. Image credit: Instagram

Rani was written and composed by Santosh himself with additional lyrics by Yunohoo. Staying true to his roots in the Malaysian band Nadir, Santosh roped in an ensemble of local musicians to work on Rani.

The track features Sri Suriya on the guitar, Zaim Zaidee on the bass, Ashwin Gobinath on the drums, Jonathan Khor and Casey Joo on the violin, Chris Oh on the viola and Charissa Tan on the cello. The backup singers of Rani are Charlene Suzanne, Priyangka, Vernysha and Sarah Danielle. The tune was recorded at Nadir Studios.


It is wonderful to see Yunohoo back in the Malaysian music scene. Her recently released single, X Ninja, has done exceedingly well. Rani is the perfect comeback for the Stylish Tamilachi rapper, and we cannot wait to see what else she has in store for us.

Once again, Santosh has brought a new flavour to the Malaysian Tamil music scene. and we are hooked.

From the start of the song, Rani is a captivating tune thanks to the incredible strings section, coupled with Santosh’s arrangement of the tune as the song builds up to Yunohoo’s rap hook. Once again, Santosh has brought a new flavour to the Malaysian Tamil music scene, and we are hooked.

Rani isn’t going to just dominate the local charts, it’s going to go international. The tune is a testament to the originality of In Pursuit of Santhosham, a Malaysian Tamil album that is so unique that it has created a new genre for us, Santhosham.

Keep up with Santosh Logandran on Instagram here. Drop him a DM to purchase his album, In Pursuit of Santhosham. 

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