A foe in the form of disease is spreading like wildfire,
Those who choose their duty over anything else will be revered, always.

Singaporean crooner Pravin Saivi decided to give thanks to the many frontliners battling the Covid-19 pandemic through his favourite medium, song.

His latest tune is Uruthi Kondu, originally composed and performed by the island nation’s finest artistes, Mohamed Raffee back in 2003 during the SARS epidemic. The lyrics to this lilting tune were penned by K T M Iqbal.


Uruthi Kondu’s video was released late yesterday by Indian director Venkat Prabhu. The tune, however, took over the airwaves of Malaysian radio stations from several days ago. Pravin’s arrangement and execution of the tune is beautiful ode to the many people who are working out there while the rest of us stay home.

“Amidst these trying times, a sincere gift of gratitude to the frontline heroes of the war against viral diseases,” the singer says. Heroes indeed.