Using musical instruments such as tabla (small drums), mridangam (barrel-shaped double-headed drum) and a bass guitar, the family who belong to a Negeri Sembilan arts and culture group posted the video of them singing the Raya song last week!

Negeri Sembilan Unique Arts, Culture, and Heritage Malaysia artistic director Savithri Vellaithan composed the lyrics of the song as she missed the feel of the vibrant Raya celebration.


“The Covid-19 pandemic halted our family’s routine of visiting houses of Muslim friends and heading to Ramadan bazaars made me do this video to share about how low-key this year’s celebration was and to also entertain viewers,”

In a span of two days, the team of six went from preparation to performance accompanied by the musical instruments before posting it on Raya eve on their Facebook page.

The video has already been watched by 8,000 times with numerous positive comments and liked by over 200 people, with multiple reuploads and featured on TV.

News Credit: The Malay Mail