Yelumbidu, a brand new track released recently by our inspiring Malaysian vocalists to celebrate Malaysia Day, is not just a catchy beat, but one with poignant lyrics set to captivate your heart and soul as you reminisce the significance of September 16.

The music video comes up with a unique spin as these group of young Malaysians attempt to portray their reverence and affection for our beloved country. Yelumbidu, is a collaborative effort sung by up and coming vocalists Daniel Fernandez, Manaseh M-Sree, Melvin Abraham, Shaji Abraham, Michelle See, Crystal Ancelyta, Daphnee Fascendra, and Nelisha Joseph.

Daniel Fernandez, the brainchild of Yelumbidu reflects the pride of our nation in embracing multicultural diversity at the same time celebrating peace-loving Malaysians.


Thumbs-up to the entire team!

United we stand, divided we fall! Such a phrase sums up the video.