You’ve got to really see it to feel it!

Kumar Sharma and Svetlana Tulasi graced the stage with their ever spectacular performance. The Titanic theme song ‘My Heart Will Go On’ to the sounds of tabla played by Prashant Sonagra is winning hearts on YouTube.

This video illustrates the well portrayal of emotions through dance movements. The song ought to fit the right genre and the theme which will be revealed by the choreography. As Kathak has limited movements and is a rather elegant genre, the classical genre Kathak has to demonstrate high class. 

In the choreography, a little twist was added so that the steps were seen to be more elaborate. The music itself is very emotional, so the moves went very well with the music for a long time.
The melodious ‘My Heart Will Go On’ was a chart topper in February 1998 and has since been a theme song for many lovebirds.

Watch Kumar Sharma & Svetlana Tulasi take everyone’s breath away in the video below:

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