They say music is a universal language. “Music brings you happiness or sadness, but it also, it also heals your soul,” a heart-warming song lyric sung by Bravo All Stars from the single, “Let the music heal your soul.”

With that in mind, what better way to raise your spirits than immerse yourself in music with inspiring songs to empower you. If you need some tunes to keep you grooving on your growth mindset journey, Ezhunthu Va would do just that for you!

The lovely Andrea Jeremiah is a multi-talented personality in Kollywood and, now she’s in the limelight for an awesome reason. The singer has taken music lovers worldwide by storm with her latest tune Ezhunthu Va. 


Ezhunthu Va lyrics is motivational yet catchy and is bound to lift your spirits once again. So, if you’re having a bad day, well this is your song. 

Composed with lyrics penned by Andrea, ADK, Babithra, Amaranth and Produxti, the tune was directed by Nazeef Mohammed. Andrea and ADK’s strong vocals make this a powerful and inspirational piece that will strengthen us to rise and face life once again at the same time give us the confidence we need to take the next step with boldness.

With its powerful lyrics and uplifting video, this could be the perfect song for you to listen on repeat mode when you’re in need of a boost.

Take a look at their latest offering here: