Born Ruben Manoharan or fondly known as Dr Burn, is a household name that needs no introduction when it comes to the Tamil rap music scene. Our rapper extraordinaire’ has launched a new track and is taking the industry by storm.

Dr Burn has taken our mother tongue, the Tamil language as his lyrical weapon. Musically brilliant, Naduvan was the album that made Dr Burn a name rendered for its musical ingenuity.

The track entitled Sollisai Cypher. Volume 1  features Devoid, Mathura Bashinii, BLK, Marvellous Vish, DJ Prinze and Secular with a snapback of their T-shirt’s in true hip hop style, rapping to the verse and gently grooving to the tune. It’s not just poetry and rapping that seems to come to them easily, but even in front of the camera as well. They are naturals!


Produced and directed by Dr. Burn, the music video has garnered attention and positive compliments from netizens.

The rap version is nothing but perfection, but do you know that there’s often a very meaningful message behind the lyrics? Can you wonder what it might be about?

What amazes us is the amount of zeal by upcoming young artists featured in the music video. Just watching the music video alone, proves that our Tamil local music scene is thriving really well.

With the likes of Mugen Rao, Roshan Jamrock, Balan Kashmir, Dr Burn and many others, there has certainly been an explosion of ground breaking hits that has made the Malaysian music industry proud.