With a good visual as the song itself, IK’s recent album entitled En Ithayame is a smooth-voiced ballad that is a must-add to your playlists of romantic songs.

The music video that features Vierosh Mohan is composed by IK and was produced by Vel Manoharan, and sung by Shan Selvaraj. The pleasant, melody tune was penned and helmed by IK himself.

It feels like eavesdropping to a love story being told while listening to the lyrics, yet there’s something that captivates you as you listen long enough to the song.


Purvagini Takksha, Thirunavokkarasu, the Barathanatyam dancer that caught netizens attention dances to classical Indian music instruments played by Kulal Indran, Kumaresh Indran, and Veenadhari Shuwetha.

Watch the full video below: