The most prevalent and unforgettable period of this year would definitely be the global pandemic resulting in a global lockdown. During the initial stages of the lockdown, many of us became familiar with ‘the earth is closed’ memes.

As a redolent memory of lockdown, Pravin Saivi produces a very beautiful moving lockdown song titled:


‘Vaanam Angey’

The ‘lockdown’, happened to be the one daunting word which is sure to make many of us pause from our current routine to evaluate the life events that have completely changed in these last eight months or so, all unexpectedly! How life can be, one minute its fine, another, its completely gone haywire.


Vaanam Angey is an uplifting song that tells a rather challenging love story about two souls from different corners of the world, forming utmost bone fide relationship together through the perpetual technology of our current technology-driven world.

Despite all differences and disputes they have, the lovebirds construct a STERLING relationship with each other during the pandemic!

During these trying and dire times, it has definitely brought us to reminisce and appreciate the happenings around us with relationships being mended and rebound, and new relationships being formed and brought to life.

This masterpeice was composed, arranged, sung, performed, conceptualised and directed entirely by Pravin himself!

The cast features Monica Saranya Selva De Roy, Veronica Santhiya Selva De Roy, Selva De Roy and Shanaa Parames.

Vaanam Angey, an impressive rendition by Pravin has definitely brought a whole new definition to the pandemic in appreciation of the good events brought to life by love.

Monica Saranya Selva De Roy a personnel with vitiligo was featured as Pravin’s better half in this rendition, clearly depicting that true loves sees no beauty nor flaw and even during the toughest periods of our lives, good things such as love could be sparked and brought to life.

Pravin has also shared his tuneful lockdown love story on his official Facebook page;

The distinct melodious song definitely illuminates us with the realisation on the importance of a companion to add sparks in our life and the existence of a genuine relationship that is still ever so available out there!

Pravin, a Singaporean born Indian cinema artist who has mostly worked in the Tamil film industry has also had stints in many popular titles and received numerous accolades and appraisals for his dulcet captivating voice and music!

Vaanam Angey is a definite must listen mellifluous resonant for all melophilia out there!