Birds do, bees do it, even fleas do it and we have to admit that falling in love can be as easy as falling off a log. But, bear in mind that a break up is the hardest battle you fight to overcome with your own self often without much support from those around you.

Inspired by real stories of couples being separated, the Singaporean crooner Shabir Tabare Alam’s next single Thanimai depicts what it’s like for lovers to strive and work hard to keep their love and affection alive despite of the unknown that lies ahead. 

Produced by Millenia Motion Pictures, it’s a collaborative effort by the renowned director Yahssir.


The multiple award winning singer-songwriter’s soulful crooning induces a shiver every time, whether we expect it or not!

Thanimai is part of the lockdown EP and all the songs were written during the Movement Control Order (MCO). Shabir tries to focus on different facets of the time and carry a different message and style for the audience. 

The only Shabir’s love song featured in Lockdown EP, this catchy indie pop tune affords a glimpse into his emotional side while entertaining us with unique anthemics swirling harmonies. The mid-tempo track explores a confluence of Indie-pop elements with the Tamil film music genre while giving a clever nod to Shabir’s R & B roots in a fresh way. 

The reflective lyrics are instantly relatable and set a mood which will transport you back to times spent together with your other half.

“Uttharavidu Unvazhivara Unnudun pala 

Unnatha Ulaa Unddrida Urugikkurugugiren 

Mutthamumida Munvazhivide 

Mutthamizhinil muthiraiyidamuppozhuthinil


To put the listeners’ on a standstill, Shabir and the team are planning to unveil the new album on 6th January 2021 which is TODAY!

The inaugural winner of Vasantham Star 2005 was also the first musician of Tamil and Indian descent to win the Singapore Youth Award.

Let’s hang around, for a solid slice of groove!

Watch the the snippet of soul-stirring tune here: