Local independent rapper, Ashish Rajahser or fondly known as MC Syze has unveiled the 14-track album Syze Does Matter which was produced under his own and newly established independent record label, Trigger Happy Records.

Syze Does Matter contains the singles;  Selamba ‘with Joe Flizzow and’ ATCL (A Thing Called Love),’ consisting of 14 songs, all of which were released a day ago.

Apart from his rap journey, the 40-year-old rapper also navigates the ups & downs in the pulsating & sometimes dangerous Kuala Lumpur neighbourhood, Brickfields in his new release. 


MC Syze who has been in the industry for 16 years has announced the release of his album by quoting lyrics from the album:

‘Here To Stay’: “It did feel once like a dead end job / Or like a dead end road / That’ll never lead me up top / Like shooting in the dark, no hope for hip-hop / Ignored those thoughts and still I never stopped”.

Some of the top stars in the Malaysian hip-hop scene will appear on the project, including Sophia Liyana from DeFam, the de facto president of Malaysian Hip Hop, Joe Flizzow, and other local talents such as Psychomantra and Dan $hiv.

Singaporean producer Fauxe is also featured on the song, singing on ‘It Ain’t Over’ (which was first released in 2019) and presenting a version of ‘Dancin’ from Syze’s 2008 chart-topping hit, which is the bonus track of the album and titled ‘Dancin’ Refix’.

MC Syze who has been in the hip-hop scene since 2004, gives the impression that Malaysian hip-hop is heading in the right direction. 

ATCL (A Thing Called Love) which unveiled on 9th July 2020, was the lead single of this record and has garnered over 130,000 unique plays in almost 50 countries, including the USA, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Singapore and, of course, Malaysia.

During their concerts in Malaysia, he opened for Kanye West, Missy Elliott, Nas and The Roots. He is also recognised for his involvement in the single ‘Message Girl’ from their 2005 album ‘For You’ by the R&B group VE.

Turn on the music and turn up your heart rate.

Listen to the audio here!