Usalampatti azhagiye is a Saresh D7 acapella cover and was created as a tribute to the late Shahul Hameed, late K.C Swarnalatha

This acapella cover is a fusion of the Azhagiye and Usilampatti penkutti songs, both of which were originally composed by the world famous A.R Rahman. 

Making this cover into a music video enhanced the structure to make it so adorable for the crowd to indulge in. In the music video, Sivanesan Ramdass and Durga Devi Nisha were really lovely together.


In the music video, other lead talents include; Asinavin Kavalan & Dhiva Sam Yogan and  additional talents from The Learners Dance Crew; Sarathraj, Kohilavani, Vishvek & Tracia. 

The cover harmonies were however re-arranged by Boy Radge (Abraham Records), Female Vocals Performed by Kubhasheni Magadevan & Abieramy Munisamy and lastly beatboxed by Andy.

Haven’t you watched the music video yet? What are you waiting for? Click the link below to watch the mellifluous music video;