The incredibly powerful singer Luksimi Sivaneswaralingam stunned netizens with her nostalgic voice and landed a spot on our local artist music rightfully bestowed with the title, ‘Dhrogam’. 

The Senthoora fame, a Sri Lankan based in Toronto, showed off a gritty, powerful voice soaked in the female cover version. This cover version has amassed more than 64,000 views and 6.4k likes in just three days after being released on YouTube. Helmed by Ken Royson, the music video features Psychomantra, Sameea Bangera, and Pavithra

Born Krishna Kumar, Psychomantra has been in the Malaysian Tamil hip hop industry since 2007. This song was originally sung and composed by Psychomantra and was a big hit back in 2017 and still has a special place in our hearts.


I personally felt that she’s so gifted, and argh! Her voice is so moving!