Balan Kashmir, one of the country’s most well-known rappers, has announced the release of a song on 2nd April in which he has collaborated with Kaber Vasuki, an indie composer from India.

According to Kaber Vasuki‘s Instagram account, the song’s title is “Kadhaigal.”


This is most likely the first time both music talents have worked together, and Balan Kash‘s fans and other musicians here are blasting ecstatic in his comment box.

Balan Kash’s post read; 

Dreams, talent & patience takes you on a journey. Money, fame, glamour is not timeless. Your art & character is forever. Along the way, I met some eclectic characters & Kaber has to be one of them. All the musicians I’ve worked with from 🇮🇳 brings out a different me, semma eclectic vibes. Thank you for the experience

Kaber Vasuki is an indie musician known for his philosophical, brutally frank lyrics. He’s written a song for Dharala Prabhu and has worked on projects like Rocky and Aelay.

Best of luck to the duo on their new release. Who else is looking forward to “Kadhaigal”?