Helmed & written by DK and the team, the melody track was composed by our very own talented musician Shameshan Manimaran and lyrics penned by Jegen John Peter. The beautiful melody tune was sung by Santesh and guitarist Keba Jeremiah executed this lilting tune to perfection. 

Inaivi depicts the story about a husband-wife duo who expresses the struggles and triumphs of being away due to the pandemic disrupting their lives on both sides of the bridges that link Singapore and Malaysia. Hence, the wait continues for many Malaysians to see their loved ones across the sea.

Due to the unpredictability of COVID-19, a complete border reopening looks to be a long way off, but that hasn’t dampened the hopes of many that they won’t have to wait that long to meet their closed ones. 


The melody tune is certainly tender and sweet but the accompanying music video starring DK, the beautiful and humble Vikneswary, Baby Eron Leonardus Leon, Ravin, and Lega. Not to forget the special guest Gurdev brings the tune into the tear-jerker status of great love songs.