Although we’re not her biggest fans, Amy Jackson is probably the most talked-about heroine in Tamil cinema. This Liverpool-born beauty has melted countless hearts and garnered throngs of fans with her exotic beauty.

It is no secret that Amy Jackson is off the market, but some of you may not know who her new beau is. Amy is currently dating multi-millionaire/entrepreneur George Panayiotou, son of real estate tycoon Andreas Panayiotou. George is apparently the owner of a fancy nightclub in Queens’ City.

The two met via mutual friends and have been dating for quite some time now. Amy very rarely shares photos of him on her Instagram page, although we have tracked down some, but it is not very clear how long exactly have they been dating. 

On her recent trip back home, she shared more photos of herself and George, looking looking cosy, happy, and absolutely in love.

If it true that she’s met the man of her dreams, then we’re happy for her!