Hi everyone. My name is Rubashini and I’d like to share my story with all of you.

I’ve been exploring and making videos on this app called Musical.ly. I’m mostly on the app because I can’t sleep.

Recently, a few of my Musical.ly went VIRAL on this “Ken tut” page on Facebook – simply because I was wearing shorts and off-shoulder tops! Needless to say, these videos of mine garnered some really harsh comments from other netizens. Some of them can’t even type in proper English, and yet here they are to judge me. Why can’t they just mind their own business?


For the record, I didn’t even upload my musical.ly videos on Facebook, yet someone took the effort and time to compile all my videos and embarrass me on Facebook. This also means that my video was shared without my permission.

Here are some of the comments I received:

So are you all Indians saying that Indian girls cannot wear shorts and off shoulder tops now? What kind of world do we live in? Seriously, I’m so confused.

All my musical.ly videos were complied and published on this “Ken tut” page on the 7th April 2018. And till today, people are still commenting and sharing it. As far as I checked at the time of writing, I have around 80K views. WTF. And the comments are super harsh!

First of all, do you guys know me? Or are you guys perfect? NO. Then why you guys are coming up with those harsh words? It has definitely affected me and my family. My dad and mum felt so embarrassed about this incident and as a daughter I feel like being a burden to them. All because I wore shorts and an off-shoulder top in a music video.

I know committing suicide is not an option but I’m crying every night and I’m not able to sleep. Do you know how depressing is that? I wish I could be normal too but I can’t because where ever I go, I know people are going to give me the STARE.

I’ve spoken to a few people about this and they all say “f*ck what others think and we know you better”. Sure, but how about my self respect and my family’s reputation? I can be like “Yes I don’t care about the comments” – but my parents do. What should I do about it? Few of my friends have reached out to the admin and the admin just blocked them off.

A quick glance at Ken tut’s FB page

Why do they have to publish other people’s musical.ly videos – without permission – and then shame them like this? Yes, I know they publish both guys’ and girls’ videos, but a lot of the girls’ videos are chosen because they are wearing tank tops and or low cut tops. Don’t people have the freedom to wear what they want?

I worked really really hard on my body to be physically fit – so I think I’m allowed to wear what makes me feel good. I put in so much effort in losing weight. I took maybe a year to lose weight and now I’m physically fit but mentally unstable. And mental health is not something to joke about.

Indians just love to bring other Indians down!

I’ve seen Chinese and Malays doing musical.ly too, BUT no one even created a damn page and embarrassed them like this. So why are Indians doing this? This is so cheap. I’m from Kelantan and literally only had 3-4 Indian friends throughout my schooling days and I really don’t know how to mingle much with Indians. But all my best friends now are Indians and they are the ones who know me best! I do feel blessed with the good souls out there, but I also wish Indians would stop shaming each other.

*This article is submitted by Rubashini Murugan, who wants share her story and bring awareness to cyber bullying