The legal battle that ensued after an assistant director claimed that his work was plagiarized and used for Sarkar is finally settled. Writer/assistant director Varun Rajendran claimed that Sarkar’s story replicated his work, Sengol, which he submitter to the Writer’s Union in 2007.

A R Murugadoss issued a statement yesterday, stating that he will give Mr Rajendran the title credit he requested for, as a token of appreciation.

Greetings to the everyone, as usual, there are a lot of rumors spreading all across. So I have come forward to give a clarification. Respected director Bhagyaraj sir called me and said that the crux of my film Sarkar was similar to that of an assistant director’s.

Apart from the basic crux, there is nothing common between my story and his. But just because, an assistant has registered this crux in writer’s association ten years back, I have agreed to add an appreciation note at the beginning of Sarkar. But Sarkar’s story, screenplay, dialogues and direction are by AR Murugadoss, there is no change in that. Happy Diwali.”

Varun Rajendran, on the other hand has addressed the issue as well and now says that Sengol is a symbol of his dedication to actor Vijay.

“I did not want a ban on Sarkar, I didn’t come to court to stop Sarkar’s release. I just wanted due recognition. I wrote this story in 2004 for Vijay. When I approached director SA Chandrasekhar and tried to work with Vijay, the film did not materialize for some reason. 

But SA Chandrasekhar sir is the whole reason for this protest. SA Chandrasekhar sir is the one who taught me how to fight and I only fought for my recognition. I did not ask for a ban or seek any monetary benefits. All I wanted was a recognition and I am happy that Sarkar team is recognizing my contribution.

On the occasion of Diwali, I present my Sengol story as a gift to Vijay, Vijay fans and SA Chandrasekhar sir’s family. Thank You.”

Looks like a happy ending in the nick of time. Will Sarkar itself be as controversial? Only one way to find out. Sarkar releases November 6th in cinemas nationwide.