From ‘Swizzles and Twizzles’ to ‘Salchow jumps’, figure skating is definitely one of the toughest sports in the world. That is definitely not the case for 7 year old National Ice Skating Athlete, Sree Abiraame B.Chendren.

In the recent ISI Asia Skate ShenZhen 2018 championships held in China, Sree Abiraame bagged 4 gold medals in all the 4 categories she competed in; Speed Race, Freestyle 1, Solo Competition Freestyle 1 and Artistic Freestyle 1 & 2.

Earlier this year, the Kingsley International School student won 4 gold medals at Skate Asia Bangkok. With a strong vision of representing Malaysia at the 2026 Winter Olympics, Sree Abiraame is not showing any signs of slowing down.


In 2015, her parents, B Chendren and R Shyamala, brought Sree Abiraame to an ice rink  for the first time, not knowing that this will be the stepping stone in the making of a world class athlete. Sree Abiraame learned quickly from her coaches and the dozens of skating videos that she watches daily on YouTube to help improve her form and technique.

Sree Abiraame is leaping into 2019 in full throttle as she will be competing in Yunnan, Abu Dhabi and Hong Kong for the ISI Asia Skate Championships.

If anything, this little pottu-wearing figure skater has taught us that, with razor sharp focus and heaps of practice, even the toughest sport in the world is child’s play after all.