WATCH The Lion King Trailer In Tamil Featuring Arvind Swami, Siddarth & Many More


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The Lion King Adds More Indian Stars to Its Hindi, Tamil, Telugu Dubs

Walt Disney, the creators of The Lion King, have actually translated the entire live action film in Tamil for its South Indian audience. Premiering on 19 July, The Lion King has been voiced by talented actors.


lion king cast tamil The Lion King

P. Ravi Shankar will voice Mufasa in both the Tamil and Telugu, Siddharth is voicing Simba, Arvind Swamy is the villain Scar, director-comedian Manobala is the red-billed hornbill Zazu, Aishwarya Rajesh is Nala, director Singampuli is the wise-cracking meerkat Timon, and Robo Shankar is the slow-witted warthog Pumbaa.

The film is also set to be dubbed in Hindi and Telugu.

WATCH the Tamil trailer of The Lion King: